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Shade sail Canberra provide a professional service to design and install the best Shade Sail for any area. Shade sails will add style to any garden and increase the use and enjoyment of outdoor living areas. Please visit our photo gallery for different sails.

Shade sails are anchored to roof shade sail fittings or powder coated steel posts. Sail can work as an extension to your roof providing shade or can be an independent structure.

Shade sail hardware is made of stainless steel fittings.

Our shade sails have many features to ensure a high quality, long lasting product.

  • 95% UV block and shade in a large range of fabric colours
  • 10 year fabric warranty on UV degradation
  • Commercial grade shade fabric is used for durability
  • Powder coated galvanised steel posts which are virtually maintenance free
  • Only stainless steel fasteners and turn buckles are used to ensure no rust
  • Stainless steel tensioning wire is used so the sail is tensioned correctly
  • A pulley is installed at every corner so that the stainless steel wire will not fray
  • Stainless steel triangles and double thickness material reinforced at each corner for durability


Rainbow Shade fabric is designed specifically for Shade Sails, Shade Structures and Tensioned Membrane Structures. Recommended by architects, engineers and manufactures for its quality, strength and color range, this fabric has been tried and proven in projects large and small over the past 15 years.

Best Test Results in Australia

Up to 99% UV-B Block. Up to 97% Shade.

Warranty that has stood the test of time.

13 years in the Australian Market in the harshest conditions.

Quality Assured

Lightweight, long lasting, strong premier shade fabric. Tested to Australian Standard AS 4174-1994.

Check out colour comparison 


Coolaroo Commercial 95 provides the ideal shade solution for school playgrounds, childcare centres, sporting facilities, car parks and many other commercial applications. Its ability to block out the majority of the suns harmful UV rays provides a safe, cost effective covering for both small and large areas.

Coolaroo Commercial 95 is designed to breath, which allows air to circulate beneath the fabric creating a significantly cooler environment. Also Coolaroo Commercial 95 resists mold or mildew and is fray resistant. A special treatment ensures that colours remain constant year after year.

UV Protection - Commercial 95 provides UVR blocks from 91%-95% to create a safe outdoor environment.

Knitted Lockstitch Construction- Unique lockstich construction combines monofilament and tape to produce a dimensionally stable. fabric that will not tear or fray if cut

Heat Set - Commercial 95 is manufactured using as advanced stentering process which heat sets the fabric memory to produce a stable and consistent fabric that has minimal shrinkage.

Warranty - Commercial 95 will not degrade, crack or show evidence of material breakdown resulting from ultra


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